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Posted by on Mar 18, 2018 in Coaching |

It’s decision time.

It’s decision time.

You can continue to dream about the things you want or
you can do something about them. You can let routine run
the show or you can make a change. You can put off your
happiness until another day or you can begin doing the
things you know you are capable of doing.

The choice is yours.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘someday.’ Someday I’ll
do it, but right now I have so much to take care of. The
truth is, you will always have things to take care of,
people to see, and places to go. You have to make time for
a better life because it won’t fall into your lap.

Perhaps you’ve even said you’ll start making changes:

…next week
…next year
…when the kids get out of school
…when the kids go back to school
…when there is more time
…when things settle down
…when the moment it right

Today is the day to begin.