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Posted by on Mar 3, 2018 in Coaching, Personal Development |

Confidence!  What is it?

Confidence! What is it?

So many people talk about being more confident. They want more as if it some sort of commodity you can pick up at the supermarket. The truth is you already have it. It’s there inside of you. So, how do you find it?

Well, I don’t know about you, but whenever I lose something (and with things like car keys, that’s pretty regular), first thing I do is STOP. I then go over my steps and try to think “when did I last have that?” and “where was I when I used that last?” I ask myself “what was it I was doing when I had it?”

Now, next time you say you want more confidence, try asking yourself those questions. Bit by bit you’ll find your confidence. And the more you use it, the less likely you are to misplace it again.

Now, if only I could make it that simple with the car keys….