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About Me

Pauline Fraser is a life coach, personal development trainer, facilitator and mindfulness coach.

Coaching is a conversation with a purpose – the purpose being to help you live your life to your full potential.  In a safe and confidential place, you can explore who you are and how to achieve success.

Pauline has worked with people looking to change jobs, start their own business, make life changes and create a more balanced and stress-free life.

Pauline is a trainer for Stepping Up (North East) Ltd and her creative work is traded under the name of PRF Creatives

What I Do

Creating Life

Pauline is a recognised trainer and facilitator.  As well as working with individuals, she has designed and delivered personal development workshops that help people and groups to identify what is important in life, what their strengths are and igniting self-motivation.

Pauline shares her mindfulness practice through her Everyday Mindfulness programme, based on bringing  together mindfulness and positive psychology to help you create a balanced and peaceful life.

And as well as supporting your personal development, Pauline loves to create!   She is a mixed media artist and loves to learn new crafts

My Work

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