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About Me

Pauline Fraser worked for many years as a  life coach, personal development trainer, facilitator and mindfulness  coach before following her passion for textile arts.

This website was created by Pauline so that she could share the wealth of writings and training materials she had put together over the years.  You are free to use whatever is useful to you.

As a Creative, Pauline is also using these pages to share what inspires her creativity and her love of textiles.

What I Do

Creative Living

I am happily living my life as a textile artist, creating mostly with natural wools, silks and dyes.  I create wearable art in the shape of one-off scarves and bags felted with love.

My daily walk takes me through the wonderful Northumberland countryside, where I often collect local leaves to create natural dyes or to print onto silk to make fabulous botanical printed scarves.

I also love running a small, online fabric shop and a Facebook group of sewing enthusiasts.

Recent Work

Nuno felted scarf

Abstract in merino wool on silk, hand dyed with natural indigo

Felted field of flowers

Most recent articles

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